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Ist and 2nd Class


In our first term 1 st and 2 nd class have been very busy perfecting their hurling skills with Murt and
Jerry every Thursday morning. They have also learned some interesting dance moves from the
Zumba classes they have done.
The children have taken part in science week this year, completing many different science
experiments like the erupting pumpkin, creating our own lava lamps, our gummy bear in water
experiment and our disgusting tooth decay experiment using eggs. The children enjoyed taking part
in these experiments and I think we might have a few future scientists on our hands.
We have learned about Halloween and when and why it was first celebrated. We have compared old
and new schools/ homes and examined the differences. We have also looked at homelessness and
how people are impacted by it. We are now looking at how different countries around the world
celebrate Christmas which the class find very interesting.
The children have decorated the classroom very well with all their colourful art pieces. They
completed a vast amount of Halloween are like scary Frankenstein’s drawings using pastels,
constructed spooky bats and also made frightening Halloween lanterns. The class are now
decorating the classroom with magical Christmas art with them completing magical elf’s, beautiful
snow globes and their very own snowman made using rice and old socks.
We are having a great time in our first term in school and we hope to bring this fun and hard work
forward into the new year!

Class Gallery

1st and 2nd in all their glory

Superstar Artists and Jigsaw Geographers

1st and 2nd in Aghabullogue N.S are famous, parish – wide for the epic artistic skills. These skills know no-bounds as they circle their way through Kandinsky and scream their lungs out to Munch.

Art isn’t their only talent though, this bunch are the up and coming oscar nominees of the future. Drama isn’t just for the yard with these beauts as they excel in the soon to be released classroom production of “Squanto’s Squash” and the Box-Office sensation that is “The Santa Sub!” (Coming soon!!!)

Fun and games abound in this happy and playful environment, even on the rainiest of days they can make the best of bad situations with games and jigsaws.

Spooky Art
2nd Class Art Heroes
Fun in 2nd

The importance of Hand washing and the yickie yucky results in bread form

Please enjoy the First and Second class productions of Squanto’s Squash